• 100 Years Providing Water to Our Community

    1923 - 2023


  • East Hardwick Fire District #1 is a municipal corporation formed under Vermont Statutes, Title 20, Chapter 171. Fire districts are established for the purpose of managing certain functions of town government that are not available throughout the entire town. Since the Town of Hardwick has assumed fire protection services, the function of EHFD#1 is limited to operating and maintaining municipal water service for East Hardwick Village. It does this through a Prudential Committee comprised of five members elected by rate payers who receive water service. Current members of the Prudential Committee are:

      • David O'Brien, Chair 802.780.7045
      • John Mandeville, Treasurer 802.472.8902
      • Gary Michaels 508.843.6534
      • Erich Stephens
      • David Gross 802.472.3139

    Email: ehfd.water@gmail.com


    Mailing address for payments: P.O.. Box 22, East Hardwick, VT 05836


    Regular meetings of EHFD#1 are held at 6:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month at the East Hardwick Congregational Church. Special meetings will be noted here and warned one month in advance with postings at the East Hardwick post office, D&L Market, and Front Porch Forum.  

    Notices: R

    The cleaning operation reported on April 17-18 has been completed. Additional precautionary chlorination has dissipated and levels are now returned to the lowest level required by the state as noted below.


    As a consequence of the heavy rains and flooding in July, 2023, the state has required chlorination of EHFD springs until further notice. East Hardwick customers may see elevated chlorine taste or smell.  We are hopeful the chorination order will be removed by end of Summer, 2024.